I have to be in peak condition for my stunt work on all the big action blockbusters I make. I’m actually working on a big movie at the moment - which I can’t talk about yet - but in order to get fit and prepare for this challenging acrobatic role, I’ve implemented a training regime which will get me into the shape I need to complete the grueling filming process.

Join me on my training journey as I prepare for this role and along the way you’ll witness firsthand the level of fitness that is required to perform on these A-list productions.

Gymnastics has been a true gift in my life and thankfully for me it is a gift that still keeps on giving decades later. It allows me to keep my body in top-notch condition so that I can keep working at the highest level. Competition in my business is tough and therefore I must continually maintain my fitness and agility to stay at the top of my game.

When I go into the gymnasium I have a particular workout I like to follow that encompasses a skill set that I draw on constantly for my stunt work. Check out the video below to see what a typical gymnastic workout looks like for me.

In order to maintain my gymnastic fitness I need to keep my muscles strong and working at optimum capacity. To do this I have a weights workout program that I do with top personal trainer Stefano Foster.

I need to remain lithe and agile for my filming projects, therefore it is important that I don’t put on too much muscle. Stefano has personally devised the perfect combination of body conditioning exercises to develop my muscles in just the right proportions. The video below shows a typical full body workout training session.

My longevity In the business is a direct result of the fact that I've never stopped doing gymnastics and keeping fit. It keeps me young and agile but the best thing about it is that I still love my gymnastics. I've made a career out of it and it's an amazing feeling to still be flipping around and making a living out of doing what I love.