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The one that really stands out is a Burger King commercial. I got paid £20,000 for running across some desks and diving through a plate-glass window with a burger. The idea was the burger was so cheap it was a steal.


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Published on 21/05/17


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Nicholas Daines travelled to Sepilok, in Malaysian Borneo, in 2015 to present the second series of Meet the Orangutans, a show on satellite TV channel Animal Planet following the work of Surrey-based charity Orangutan Appeal UK (OAUK).


Published on 20/04/2016


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Stuntman Nicholas Daines has taken on Europe's longest zipline and reached speeds of 119mph.Daines is famous for performing stunts in Hollywood movies and has appeared in films such as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Steven Spielberg's Munich.


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With his mum’s encouragement, Daines did follow his dreams to become one of the best stuntmen in the world. Now he hopes to inspire others with aspirations to work in film to do the same with his book Dare to Dream.


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Published on 09/03/12