Nicholas Daines

On 21st July 1993, a day before his 21st birthday, Nicholas graduated from the University of London with a B.Sc., First Class Honours, in Microbiology and Animal Physiology. However, since he was a young child, the only thing he could ever remember day-dreaming about was the impossibly glamorous life of being in the movies and on television. So without thinking twice, Nicholas quit his job and booked a ticket to the United States.  With all his things in a single suitcase he set out on a journey to make his dreams come true. Living the Hollywood dream was a lot tougher than Nicholas expected and found himself homeless at times and even rationing food just to get by. He was fortunate though, to meet some incredible people along the way who leant him their couch to sleep on allowing him to pursue his dreams of becoming a performer. Although his first attempt was unsuccessful, Nicholas had firmly planted the seeds of a dream. Today he is working in Hollywood his career in film and television is now a successful reality

 Being the face of a commercial campaign is big money and can be a great gateway to future success in the entertainment business. His breakthrough moment came as the star of a ‘Lakson Tobacco Company’ to advertise its successful brand of Royals Filter Cigarettes in 1998. The commercial titled ‘River Rescue’ was made specifically for the ‘Lakson Tobacco Company' was a full on white water river rafting and abseiling adrenaline rush.